About The Yellowbrick Road


My name is Connor and Iโ€™m the creator of The Yellowbrick Road. Thanks for reading this document! Itโ€™ll give you a little more info about me and how this newsletter works.

I use code and AI to find 100s of stock articles every day (from places like, blogs, investor letters, analyst reports, Twitter, etc), summarize the trade ideas from those sources, and send the best ones in the free, daily email.

This document will:

  • Tell you a little more about me

  • Explain the non-AI tool I had to build to get the trade ideas

  • Explain the AI tool I built that summarizes and tags the trade ideas

  • Discuss the premium sources I pay for to get premium trade ideas.

๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ’ป About Me

My name is Connor and I am a 27-year-old part engineer, part product manager that currently lives in Indianapolis. After graduating from Purdue, I moved to San Francisco to work at a couple of tech companies as a Product Manager. While working out there, my co-workers and I loved discussing stocks and figuring out ways to become better stock traders. I learned how to code and started building stock tools.

The first stock tool I built analyzed all of the Form 4s that were filed with the SEC each day to find suspicious insider activity. Any time an executive buys, sells, or is granted stock, they have to file a Form 4. So Iโ€™d look for unusual grants, like when an executive would typically get their yearly stock grant bonus in September but all of a sudden got it in March or if they got an extra stock grant.

I then tweaked that code to track insider buys and calculate the returns these insiders had from their insider trades. I turned this into the free, weekly CEO Watcher newsletter (link). This is the only tool I know of that not only tracks the insider trades but actually calculates their returns as well (maybe no one else does it because it costs me $3k/month to get the data to calculate the returnsโ€ฆ).

When AI became available, I began experimenting with it to find better stock ideas which led to the creation of the free, daily email, The Yellowbrick Road (link). I coded a non-AI tool to find trade ideas from all over the internet and then coded an AI tool that summarizes them. I then pick the trade ideas I think are best and send them in the email.

Now Iโ€™m hard at work thinking of new tools to build and trying to improve the tools I have already built :).

๐Ÿค– How The Yellowbrick Road Works

To summarize, I built an AI tool that reads all of the best stock articles from all across the internet, uses AI to summarize those articles, and then uses AI to rank those summaries to find the best ones to share with you each day.

The steps:

  1. I built a tool that visits stock blogs and websites each morning and reads all of the articles that were posted in the last 24 hours. (I also just manually find trade ideas on Twitter, Reddit, etc).

  2. I then built an AI tool that takes those articles and summarizes them.

  3. The AI tool then tags the articles with the sector(s) of the stock mentioned in the article

  4. I manually go through all of the summaries to pick the best trade ideas to include in the email.

  5. Each morning, I put the best summaries in the email and send it to you all :).

๐Ÿ“ˆ Where do you get the trade ideas?

  • Reddit

  • Twitter

  • 250+ blogs

  • Fund letters

  • Analyst reports

  • Value Investors Club

  • Podcasts


Thanks for joining The Yellowbrick Road! Letโ€™s make some more money in the stock market together :)

Connor (@connorvo on Twitter)